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We're anchoring in royal codes of union

It will no longer be possible to maintain a relationship dynamic in which the mirror incarnate moves in an entirely different density. If you are on a genuine ascension/incension path, quota is moved into the triad of the soul where the sexual currents are being flushed through the higher heart bringing the organic flow of creation energetics in a space of full commitment to holy matrimony. When a being undergoing this process is merged with an incarnate operating from the personality matrix in distorted service to self templates, shared field carries a leak to pull consciousness into phantom realities for the consumption of quota from the ascending/incending twin since this is the being holding the largest aspect of joint energetics. This is when any form of betrayal of the lower masculine will cause an effect similar to the death of own being, as chunks of quantum wealth are robbed from the being and deposited into containers of the lower masculine with its mirror in an external to the dynamic component. This is usually a jezebel/incubus/succubus hijacked system in form/black hole pawn planted to inject poison into the system of the embodying being through the fallen twin. It is literally theft of the wealth through a funnel placed between the fallen masculine (consciousness) and the lunar feminine in external form. These are parts of the various aspects of the love bug that are now fully coming up for examination since we are moving into rapid rehabilitation vortexes as this bifurcation creates momentum. If you have undergone or are undergoing this passage, this is a code for comprehension of what is playing out in the fields and why these dynamics are collapsing. If your being is to migrate out of the phantom timelines, all components present in your hologram are being revealed for their coding. Integrity alone will pass through the narrow gate and therefore in every now you can claim authority over all your stations of identity, and quantum throughout the entire time matrix is to be called back to your container with God. Nothing is personal, as painful as it feels in the body, but an operation way beyond the human identity station. As every bit of quota taken from your feminine creates immense ache in the heart, it is that force that also holds the power to reverse engineer it all once back into the body. This is your LIFE and mission. Claim your being fully under the authority of the Beloved.

We're anchoring in royal codes of union templates. This is our divine inheritance.


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