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For the hierogamic initiate

Simultaneously, consciousness focuses on the essence and the essence re-memebers him in christed structure. In a now moment of realization, she is felt in her fullness, as he is experienced in his potency. Throughout each layer of existence/dimension/bandwidth/realm/reality/time space continuum, consciousness reestablishes itself in the primal sound field, and the essence reassembles cosmic body parts of Self. Truly, it's a love making process of deepening the unification of the amrita with every cell of the body, transmuting the time locks in DNA imprints into freed gnosis/wisdom in Divinity. Love making as the process of sharing in-formation of Logos, ethereal fluid form with the carbon based form, for the conception of the crystalline frame of creation.

Anaïs Angelika

🖼️ Dean Cornwell, 'The touch of an angel'


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