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  • anaisangelika

The body as the scalar wave tech

It has always been about the living code of creation written within the human dna. Humanity has been used to create phantom timelines through a possessed inner system for thousands of years. The body holding distorted energetic complexes/structures/patterns/templates generates a projected hologram that corresponds to the artificial geometrics that are plugged into a fallen system of control, manipulation, tyranny, fear and abuse for life force siphoning. At the foundation of this consciousness imprisoning matrix is the gender splitting technology that polarizes the harmonic frequencies throughout practically the entire time matrix, which results in a severely distorted perception of self as disharmonious density triads and separation consciousness dragging the sound field of creation into hyperdimensional pockets of artificial realities. This is what the majority of humans perceive to be existence, because for as long as one has not harmonized their polarized stations of density, all those fragmented aspects throughout space time (outside of the eternal now presence) are imprinting/copying/cloning themselves or consuming/trapping/extorting essence of living beings in false attempts to reach inner fulfillment. The entire integration process is a clearing process to accrete hydroplasmic living light into the body, therefore retrieving your light body parts, architecting the original blueprint for migration into balanced harmonics. The focused attention of own being must be brought to the inner planes of realities to understand where quantum is being directed into and how. It has therefore never been about an external beloved to unify with in order to exit the phantom matrix. If consciousness is occupied with securing/holding/manipulating/pushing/pulling another being into its perceived reality, it is generating from the exact construct that is keeping its fractured parts scattered in this time matrix. In other words, it's trapped in a constant loop of filling the inner schism up with more and more conditions that prevent actual unification from embodying. The inner polarities present within this density must synthesize dimensionally within in order to project that as a hologram in this density. That is a WHOLE being holding the sacred marriage templating...the incension mechanics. The sacrament of the hieros gamos is embodied in the full individuation, as one embodies the scalar wave technology required to synthesize polarities with an equal mirror complement if that timeline is to form. The whole process goes deep into cosmic/galactic/angelic human history...• Anaïs Angelika


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