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Understanding Hieros Gamos

The Sun/Son of God as is known as Christ/Kryst is the trinitized consciousness as the offspring of the inner divine union of the consciousness with essence.

Consciousness being the pattern of creation holds structure, creation in motion. This is Masculine. Essence being fluid tones is what is formed through the pattern of the Masculine, she is what fuels creation. This is Feminine.

The unification of the polar opposites is what moves one from the binary spiral into the trinitized spiral from which the vessel steps into the chamber of purification from the zero point vertical focus/Mother arc.

The entrance within this chamber initiates one into the dark night of the soul, in which the human aspect is taken through purgatory rites to face distortions present within own being and clear the fragments from the body.

This process is what prepares one to clear and open spaces within the DNA to rehabilitate its 12 strands through the accretion of living light from own Avatar Christ/Kryst. Higher stations of intelligence are then embodied as original divine blueprint.

Purification of the being goes through the stations of identity to ultimately neutralise distortions and bring all fragmented aspects back to wholeness with Source beyond all space time continuum.

When full purification and clearing is complete, one embodies pure hydroplasmic living light as a full resurrected Christ/Kryst consciousness in individuated form. The body of Krystallah is eternal and crystalline in structure holding the pure essence of Source of all Life, with all organic functions of the light body fully activated.

To embody Krystallah is to embody Father Mother God in form.

This is the true meaning of twin flames.

🖼️ Art by Muhammed Salah


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