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Twinning template

The collective understanding of twin flames is for the most part infected, as it is based on the fragmentation that has been playing out between incarnates in distorted reflection of themselves seeking for own missing parts in another. So there is either this immense craving for external essence supplementation or the existence of an equal is entirely rejected. The twin is monadic, it doesn't calibrate stable until 7/8D where a large portion of the inner grid system is holding organic coding to discern own being's original blueprint, so till then most dynamics are playing out hybridization trauma templates. Density 3 triad is when the monadic greater flame meets the physical lesser flame and ignites the fire in the heart into the kidneys. The process frames the being further and further into the embodiment of the monad as one unifies with the Beloved and restores wholeness. On this path there is the understanding that own genetic equal IS the reflection of own blueprint and therefore one twins with the monad/Beloved/God first beyond time and matter form. There's no needing the external beloved or not experiencing wholeness without the equal to ascend/incend to God Source, because all is restored IN God. The architecture, the wings, the essence with all its jewels, wealth, quota are returned to the being IN God. So it is IN the heart of God that we meet the true beloved. To reject the twin, is to reject God. It makes absolutely no sense. The monadic stations of identity don't move, it is immovable from love. So go the Beloved...and meet the twin there.


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