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The quintessence of love is God Source

Love is the ultimate treasure majority of humans do everything to catch, to hold in the body, to merge with in physical form. It's the opening of paradise that is written in the depths of our primal genetic coding. Yet not many are willing to walk through the various valleys to restore the keys that open the gates to paradise. It takes tremendous courage and bravery to face all that directs one away from that pure love...facing the illusory creation of comfort, the components of a finite existence that are like ornaments to the fallen identity, to devote own being fully to the one Source of origin while not being supported or understood by the external, while compassionately observing in non-judgement when the external presents conditions to what they perceive to be love, contracts in forms of agreements to be unified to gain yet more decorations for the persona.

What is essentially faced is fear itself. Fear of not receiving the requirements to be sustained, fear of not being reciprocated in a world that puts a price tag on everything and builds illusory empires on funneling energetic exchanges that validate the architecture of the fallen self.

The quintessence of love is God Source. There's nothing to gain here, other than the union with God itself. No external rewards, no round of applause, no praise, no bows, no medals for the ego mind, no recognition to be given, no titles for accomplishments, no prices...only the primal desire of being God's bride. There's nothing to bring along the journey, because to enter holy matrimony one stands in the chamber of purification by oneself, nude, exposed to the Beloved, intimate as can be, burning off all the shackles that kept one from being IN love, merging with the One to now BE love as God loves... This is the most feared path, because it requires the endurance of tremendous pressure to crack one's heart fully open. • Anaïs Angelika

🖼️ by Muhammed Salah


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