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  • anaisangelika

The direct experience of embodiment

Oh how marvelous it is to undergo the passages of expansion into cosmic original history, multidimensional code, mechanics of creation/existence/quantum technology, understanding the reversals/distortions/reverse engineering process within this time matrix and beyond...and then there is the actual EMBODIMENT process that requires all the DNA records that hold those distortions within own being, that which caused the collapse of organic architecture, to be faced fully, multidimensionally, from that cosmic perspective of zero. All of this happens through the body. To witness the manifestation of the fallen coding in own creative form is to face the reversal within, the...invader...that which is much easier to bypass than to stare right in the eye, as it will bring up all the emotional data that has been imprinted when that entered the body. I don't feel one can be ready for that stare down. In that moment all that has been understood and studied is right there in the DNA. There's only the choice to step into it, move it all through the narrow gate, facing all that must be faced to return home to own monadic self. The study of the alchemical union process serves merely as a means to acquire tools, key codes and hacks to move through it all once records open up. The direct experience of the reversal monad is what allows those templates to collapse, illuminating the codes of own monadic integration, where much of what one thought to be so becomes meaningless in the light of truth.


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