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Soul mission

I've come to understand that the antidote for fragmented being and unfulfilled existence lays in the embodiment of own soul mission. Devotion to the mission mutes out all the noise and distractions that seek to pull one away from the intention of own be-ing. Dynamics that don't support the mission no longer seem interesting, hindrances are viewed as opportunities for master training, genius is sharpened in focus to bring in the highest expression of the being for successful integration of the mission, the thought/breath/walk/heartbeat/every function of the body is in service of...the mission. That which is not aligned to the highest expression and integration is moved to the distraction file for clearing/neutralization. One becomes the representation of that which is beyond any personal desire and identity, unified with the force of love that animates the mission written within the architecture that supports it. The mission and the soul are one, the love of the Divine expressed into form to LIVE the mission and blueprint in restoration of truth, sovereignty and freedom. There's only the mission in mind and heart, which frees the incarnate from the carrousel of perpetual seeking for own existential purpose. ~ Anaïs Angelika


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