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Sophianic hymns expansion

The Sophianic hymns have been expanding within the cleared cellular structures of the DNA ever since the staff of Mother anchored strongly within the planetary grids.

There is a theme within the collective that allows not for anything tainted with other than fully integer coding to remain.

Timelines are collapsing one by one.

Strong boundaries are coming into formation, for dissonant tones are being recognised.

Mother God is weaving the fabrics of the maternal lineages back into whole nourished state.

The lineage of women that were portals of life amidst a warzone...all the way back to Lemuria.

If you are in female form, the womb space is guiding the process. She knows what must be cleansed and how. Commune with your sacral.

If you are in male form, the sacral also holds Mother essence. Yet if there is not a clear singular space, scan the body while chanting Mother within or out loud. The signal will come up in the body and you'll know where to listen.

Protect the holy lands as the garden within. Mother guides the way into Father's law.

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02 oct 2021

Who/what is the mother? What do you mean? How to connect with her?

Me gusta
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