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Sexual misery programs

Think about it. The reason certain individuals promote the manipulation of men's/women's quota for own self serving requirements, is because their own inner wealth and jewels are being plundered by vandals of the finite. It's a pyramid scheme and most are unaware of their participation. The authority of the essence harvesting machine is what programs the 'lower' ones to bring in the booty of war for consumption. In addition, any aspect that is placed on the artificial tree is undergoing immense leakage of own life force/stripping of potency. Sexual misery programs are designed to funnel the stolen quota to the authority of the held structure. Right now the amplification of ancient practices of harem systems/incubus-succubus programming/seduction weaponry etc is surfacing in the collective mainstream as a means to discredit/devalue/gaslight/distort/MOCK the true force of Mother's love that is expanding in the hearts of Her children. With every expression of harvesting manuals, the authority of misery exposes itself, for the time has come in which it will bite its own tale.


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