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  • anaisangelika

Samsara's ego entertainment

The illusory maya contains the wounded aspects of own being looping by feeding it contaminated sweets, providing exciting toys and offering shiny crowns for the ego. It has tricked the mind to stay in its Babylonian slumber with the false promises of safety in return of energetic leakage. How has this been possible? Well, for as long as humanity remains amnesiac to own Eternal Provider, Guardian and Generator of Eternal Love, humans will keep projecting own deficiency on the external. And there it is, always eager to please for a sip of sophianic waters...the consciousness imprisoning matrix. All that it offers is artificial...synthetic light to hypnothise the longing for Father Mother God parts of own being. The orphan that has been parented by the beast will always feel misplaced on the fallen tree, for the remembrance of its origin will always following the trail back to its Divine Parents.


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