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  • anaisangelika

Only innocence lives fully

Drop the weight of accumulated density and place your lived manuals in the libraries of the Divine. It was never meant to stay in your field as heavy baggage to drag around, it served the purpose of discerning the consciousness imprisoning matrix and training for safe passage guardianship for all of life to bifurcate from the fallen system. Drop it...carry just yourself and all of YOURSELF in the fullness of your being as your core designed embodiment. All the heaviness from the fallen system cannot come with us to the organic timelines, because organic timelines can only be constructed from the narrow path where it is a constant distillation process towards guardian embodiment. Thank all and everything for the experience, for the training, for the dark arts discernment manuals you now hold, forgive all (including own being) for what has played out in fragmented realms where consciousness moves blindly through the shadows, and go LIVE fully. Only innocence lives fully, only the pure breath of God is eternal.


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