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  • anaisangelika

Mind seeks own eternity

The mind in itself is that which sees itself as separate from all aspects it seeks externally to supplement the inner experienced depletion. It is the mind that is the fallen masculine, the one that runs around in loops creating more loops on the looping treadmill. It is the collective hive mind in which the individuated mental constructs are plugged into as fragmented pieces of consciousness each taking scoops of essence and pouring it into the collective box of nightmares. De-identify and observe where the mind is going, what stories it is creating and for what reason. What is pulling the living essence into itself? What is that which it longs for from the depths of own being? Freedom comes when we provide for our being that which the Beloved provides for us. A free mind is a free heart where the eternal creative potential of own being expands into the living light of consciousness that is winged.


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