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Male rites of passage

Due to persecution, many tribes have gone underground and hidden their remaining hierogamic codex to prevent further contamination of the consciousness imprisoning matrix. The lost art of initiation into manhood has resulted in the perpetuation of trauma and negative ego constructs to loop in the masculine psyche preventing his unification with Mother God essence and resurrection of his organic Christ architecture. It is important to understand that humans undergo initiation into the expansion of archetypal consciousness structures regardless of their dormant or aware status. For this reason, young boys now undergo the process within the social constructs of the consciousness imprisoning matrix. This results in the coronation of the false father masculine/fallen tree installation. The majority of the male population on this planet has therefore been crowned a mature masculine, while embodying the wounded infant in adult form. What has in fact been crowned, is the fallen ego self, as the beast machine rewards and celebrates servitude to the dark mother/matrix. For the restoration of guardianship on this planet, male council of the highest caliber is required to assist our men in holding their organic blueprint as warriors of Love in their matter form/bodies. The round table shall rise again. #kingcodes Ps: rites of passage for women shall be discussed in a separate post.


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