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  • anaisangelika

Love is the only truth

You cannot be separated from yourself unless consciousness is accepting the invitation of delusion. All the fear, betrayal, humiliation and abandonment that holds immense pain causing loosh discharge, is at the core of human suffering the heartbreak of separation... separation from the Beloved/the equal/tribes/nations...separation of that very core itself. This core wound is the reason for deterioration/dis-ease/mortality, because it is the higher heart that generates/emanates frequencies of divine override of dissonance/dis-ease as it strengthens the immune system of the body. A lonely heart weakens into insanity where the mind is on various escapades from the pain through dissociation/numbing of the body, until it collapses and all lights go out. In love, it is reanimated. In love, it comes back to truth. In love, it comes back to LIFE.


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