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  • anaisangelika

Investing currency wisely

Suggestion: Go through material belongings, digital spaces, human dynamics, implementation of time, nourishment, expenses, etc etc. Where are your currents being directed into? What is serving your integration on this planet, and what matter and spaces are YOU still serving? The latter is what most humans unconsciously leak their organic stream of wealth into, leaving them depleted and in a loop of hording more matter of stagnancy. Clean it all up.

Key to attain cellular coherence with organic wealth and provision for the architecture of consciousness to hold the Edenic frame, is to embody own birthright to fully LIVE. Those currents must therefore be fully reclaimed and collected back into the body for genius to serve the primal desire from God Source.

Clarity and presence inhabit spaces of genius simplicity. Let's architect timelines of quintessential grace as LIFE.


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