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He cannot abandon you, if you don't abandon yourself

Sisters, understand something: true Masculine rod of Father is the equal to the Feminine staff of Mother. One IS one with the other as the co-creative formula of the cosmos, one is not without the other. And so all the imprints of the wounded feminine that perpetuate the phantom stories of feeling unworthy of His provision/protection/blueprint, walking through this existence exhausting own being because you 'have to do it all by yourself ', sacrificing own essence in attempts to manipulate the outcome/'attracting' the genetic equal/bending laws of creation in delusion to somehow experience living light in formation, pushing the body to be it all etc etc, are all the subconscious/unconscious shackles placed on the inner male that now distort the polarities for Her to externalise His being. The being therefore is pulled out of the body, into the mental fair of swinging pendulums. The results are women feeling irritated, exhausted, depleted, stagnant creative potential, inverting the heart to shut down and hide behind a wall of disappointment, caged. The key is to drop into the body and rest...slow in your receptivity as your feminine design to come into co-creation with and be guided by Him. Bringing all parts of own being back to the Beloved to serve as the chalice of Mother's love in devotion to His eternal laws. Take all worries, hurts, disappointments and bring them to Father to obliterate them from your field. Trusting the masculine comes from the sole realisation that He IS you. He cannot abandon you, if you don't abandon yourself.


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