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  • anaisangelika

Freedom is beyond time

Seek to understand own being fully, completely and totally, multidimensionally and quantum.

That what you're looking for out there in mortal flesh is parts of own being that have been fractured off into the vastness of this time matrix.

What is reflected in him, is her own consciousness/masculine that has been in separation from her core and dissociated from the body/matter. That which is reflected in her, is his own core essence that has been burried under eons of inversions/trapped pain body.

Until own being has cleared the fractures of own consciousness/masculine and healed the wounds of own core essence/feminine, what is mostly played out within dynamics are the still held in the system programmed instruction sets of trauma and confusion.

There is immense importance in mirroring this process within dynamics, as they illuminate cracked spaces of twisted light forms, yet freedom cannot be served to you by another being. Freedom is beyond time, in unified fields where living light descends to the body as all parts fold back home through the inner gates of the higher heart...where the beloved remains in luminous balanced harmonics.

• Anaïs Angelika


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