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  • anaisangelika

Free consciousness architecture is winged

The mind is what needs observance for deeper comprehension of what it is attempting to gain/control. If it perceives itself to be standing in separation from its core frequency, it will project externally what it wants to pull in to feel a false sense of wholeness/aliveness. The mind has been altered to a distorted self image of a creator separate from the all, and so its creations wonder off into phantom realms where it takes the living essence on a ride of misery. This is the fallen masculine servicing the illusion. Where is it going, what does it create, what does it want...witness its steps. Now feel where the living essence of your being is being pulled in. Those are the plugs into those phantom realms. The plugs are the entrance points of manipulation. Ultimately, the mind longs for the security, validation, acceptance, safety and FREEDOM that comes from own highest expression.


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