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  • anaisangelika

Female self sacrifice

The female collective has been replaying the same ancient timelines over and over again throughout different costumes/sceneries/ages. The timeline is reflected in myths of the feminine sacrificing own being to resurrect the masculine from the depths of the underworld, deep loyalty to his fallen self and devotion to the distorted frame, like Isis saving Osiris from the underworld. This inversion is the result of ancient ancestral miasma looping of separation trauma, memories of the male equal being taken away, tortured, slaughtered, forced into matrimony with another female, driven to insanity and into the abyss (this also applies to the father-child dynamic). This fear splinters off into fear of abandonment, self sacrifice to safe him/contain him, holding on to his fallen aspects. There is no one being served here, other than the imposter housing his vessel. Her remembrance of his original pure soul is not what will bring him back into his body, no matter how hard she tries. It is her choice to not share her energetics with his fragmented being, that pulls the plug on the AI program. Also, her true beloved would not want her to loop in self sacrifice, for he is her/they are one.


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