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  • anaisangelika

Erect in loving strength that can move mountains

We have already won. The timeline of freedom and sovereignty in eternal love is constructed fully and completely for our consciousness to migrate into. What we are being challenged in, is the actual embodiment of those instruction sets while the external spirals into a collapsing mine field. Organic timelines are constructed through us. Only clear, coherent being can birth solutions in service to all as only a being in integrity is anchored into the innocent field of feminine eternal wealth of wisdom. Fear freezes consciousness. It stagnates genius in loops of broken records, pulling consciousness into realms of delusion where one architects the fallen design. Fear however shows us many aspects. It is an indication of records that require clearing and integration of dark arts discernment. It is the beast that blocks the passage to true treasures. To become fearless is to come into matrimony with the Beloved. Full trust as we leap.

Ps: there's no shame in having fears, we all do, unless you are a full embodied C h r i s t avatar... Working on fear removal is a vital part of integration. Some tools: mirror work, journaling, fear line up, emotional clearing paired with voice commands.


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