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DNA is the staircase to heaven

DNA is the staircase to heaven. The ladder of rod and staff unification that in it's core forms the information (in forma) of God code in commune with the human protoform. A chain of data through which gnosis is the ultimate eternal library. The essence in perpetual motion and morphing within the structures of cosmic laws. We are in the organic blueprint of angelic humans the messengers of Father Mother God as Christ made manifest in creative form. The 12 helixes unified as the One, the 13th arc of Mother as the echoing sound field expanding the song of the Divine, bringing back the restored lineages of the original Christos tribes as the guardians of Earth. Purification of the bloodlines, restoration of the DNA records, resurrection of the architecture in Christ as children of God. #thearkofthecovenantiswithin #stargatestoheaven #rodandstaffunification


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