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  • anaisangelika

Alchemist of synthesis

There's no escaping the distorted realms by running/looking away from it, bypassing and resisting the uncomfortable aspects of the grid damage, or even fighting, wanting to get even...eye for an eye...all while expecting balanced harmonics to be restored. There's only the realization that polarities ALWAYS apply and therefore are within each other, whether charged or neutral. It is when one walks up to the challenge and passes through the gate where all distorted mirrors are reflected, where one can look own fragmented being in the eyes and take that being IN...hold it in the living light through the higher heart to calibrate it to the core oscillation of own genesis...dissolving the shadow back to stardust. This is what fragmented consciousness roaming through the shadow is protecting...its own dissolution in the light of truth. The suspense between polarities, the charge of imprisoned perception swinging the pendulum towards each other increasing/decreasing desire for union is the shackle of phantom plugged minds. The battery of the matrix is also the key to liberation. The desire fuels creation or enslavement. The alchemy lies in the formation of desire, whether from the box of separation or the container of realized inner synthesis. • Anaïs Angelika

Art by unknown artist.


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