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Alchemical union update: Mother chalice reconfiguration

We are currently passing through a strainer where specific energetic aspects are isolated and brought into null and void state. This means that those aspects are brought to the dark matter, the original ma-trix of creation and processed into stardust to serve as building blocks for the construction of organic timelines resurrected in Christed architecture. This is the return to innocence, the pre-invasion energetic field that is free of miasmic records and karmic imprints. The cleared sound field is rebirthing the lineage of Mary Magdalene/Myriam of Magdala, the rose bloodline of Dragon Mother as She is what births the Dragon King into form. It is important to note that the name Mary is not just a name as it is also a sovereign title synonymous for the Mother chalice embodiment of God in similar manner as the title Christ. The corresponding architecture holds the synthesized manuals of discerning metatronic distorted coding and is able to serve the sense-ability of the feminine now embodying the higher sensory perception of the oracle. Therefore, consciousness is experiencing a very tight squeeze into the corridor of Mother's gate, as the inner grid system is brought to focus on areas related to the second density triad moving into the first level of sacred marriage. Most of us on this journey will now hold a clear map of the monad expression to mirror own integration with. This will also bring relationship dynamics into an entire new caliber and resonance. Congruent dynamics will move into a more stable frame, while there is also a deep honouring of soul mate dynamics coming into completion. All dynamics are to serve our own inner hierogamy first for an actual equal union to take form in the physical realm if aligned with own specific mission and blueprint. We are wrapping up the records of distorted infiltrated dynamics to come into mature comprehension of what union between two beings aligned in genuine service to God's heart truly implies. Mother is showing the way into the next stage of alchemical union integration.

🖼️ Artist of image unknown.


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