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Architecture of Creation is founded by Anaïs Angelika, a polarity integrator whose work is dedicated to the embodiment of Hieros Gamos, Sacred Union within, merging Divine Masculine with Divine Feminine within the Zero Point of All-Oneness. It is also known as Twin Flames Union, as the Divine Unification takes place within own Being. Her work is consecrated in service of Unity Consciousness and remembrance through direct gnosis of Self for the dismantling of inorganic systems and rehabilitation of inner and outer energy grids.


Having undergone an awakening followed by many initiations through purgatory rites alongside receiving intensive dark arts discernment training, Anaïs was able to recover memory and remembrance of the original records of human consciousness evolution within the dna patterning and coding. Through this process, the recognition of artificial light templating present on this planets’ grid system was revealed as well as the negative multidimensional forces that maintain the synthetic constructs within the collective consciousness.


Anaïs’ soul and life purpose is to assist those on a genuine ascension path in the process of embodiment of the hieros gamos. Hierogamic individuation allows for living light to come into the planetary grid field and repair the architecture back to its original divine blueprint. Deep devotion to the unification principle and humble servitude to the Divine is required for a genuine process of embodiment to take form.

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