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The eternal spiral, we enter...

What is about to unfold is what we have been preparing and training for in this lifetime and all lifetimes before. The scenarios on the world stage are taking forms that will challenge the core of embodiment within the collective. Even if the most insane performances are presented to us, we have the ability and strength to bring focus to the eternal and go zero to it all. Observant state that can create from unified heart field what God is bringing through our matter forms. Bring all aspects of consciousness IN the external presentation is to be granted power over our inner being, the external is not our God. Inner divine union is animated by the love of our Beloved Mother and shielded in the frame of servitude of our Beloved Father. God comes THROUGH our loving hearts where our creative forms calibrate to hold the eternal living light code that deposits the wealth of life into organic timelines in unity. Inner guided, not externally moved. As we embody deeper, we sense more clearly the fabrics of the fields and our sense-abilities do expand, so we must hold a strong foundation in the unification principle, the shield and armour of the Divine, to not allow any aspect to come in and pull at our hearts.

Only God restores wholeness to our systems. The mirror beloved is also not to be assigned with the impossible task to bring wholeness to our hearts, as this is highly tainted with distortions that serve none other than the loosh harvesting system. The true beloved IS our soul, therefore they will always feel your heart when you commune with your soul only. Prayer, strongly, from the heart. In the graceful hub of our inner union we are strongly sustained in our consecration to serve eternal life and love. The eternal spiral, we enter. • Anaïs Angelika

Image: artist unknown


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