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Lighthouse of truth

In times of immense change and calibration to the trajectory of monadic integration, the lighthouse that guides one through the inner narrow path is higher heart anchored truth. Integrating monad is to marry all aspects of self in truth and transparency. One is fully in wholeness, serenity and joy of own self, that which is embodied within is projected outward onto the hologram where the being walks/talks/breathes the unification principles. The encrypted eternal law is what is animated in the body. From the gnostic wisdom that expands within as one comes deeper into density clearing and therefore simultaneously filled with the living light of C h r i s t, reveals within the jewels of own individuation. The jewels ring the sound of truth as virtues of the soul, which harmonize the inner grid system and echoes this into the field. One consciously chooses to express from the higher heart those virtues that build in love and wholeness, while each and every day one expresses to the highest possible way available to them in the now. This is the truth of the soul, the truth that is the embodiment of purpose that is seeded in every organic heart formation through the blueprint that expresses within the logos. Marrying all aspects of own being in the heart of God, own heart unified with the cosmic heart. Integrity in form. C h r i s t. • Anaïs Angelika

Image from Energetic Synthesis

Song by Hans Johnson: Midnight Clear


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