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Welcome to Architecture of Creation. This container is a quantum space consecrated for the purpose of remembrance and the embodiment of the hieros gamos, the inner union as unity consciousness, the respiritualisation of own being back to its original divine blueprint of Self.

Remembrance is a process of merging all aspects of own being into the neutral observer state within the zero point of Source matrix. When fragmented consciousness is observed, one is able to implement divine tools for the clearing and healing of those aspects in which one experiences the balancing out of the inner polarities as in divine union where architecture of consciousness merges with the essence of creation. This merge gradually restores the inner sound fields to what is refered to as balanced harmonics, where the sound tones of own primal Source emanation is able to bring through the rehabilitation of the inner grid system. This process is what is known as ascension/incension. It is the awakening and initiation into the awareness of multidimensional levels of inteligence, extending beyond the five senses of the physical body into the various stations of identity as subharmonic tones.

The respiritualisation of the body contstructs of unifying the essence of the light body with the various stages of consciousness integration where the dissolving of separation consciousness takes place. During the process of integration, the DNA is reconstructed to hold the living plasmic light of the individuated expression from origin point. Many initiates on the path of ascension experience therefore discomfort in their 3D constructed life, for the ego identity is evaluated and dismantled throughout this process. One moves own vision of existence from external focus and linear perception to inner guidance and vertical centeredness. Within neutral observation of the integration stages, the DNA restructuring releases density from the atomic and subatomic layers of the body in which higher oscilating frequency is able to be embodied. From the individuated Self, this recoding then extends to the collective bandwidths of quantum field resonance for the clearing of collective records within the planetary grid network resulting in a paradigm shift and materialisation of organic timelines.

The respiritualisation process occurs simultanously with the training in dark arts, in which the initiate trains to discern dark arts and neutralise the currents of reversal and separation consciousness present within the quantum field. This is a vital part of the ascension progress, for one is able to recognise components resonant or dissonant to the laws of eternal life. Dark arts discernment training sharpens the higher sensory perception present within all living beings to read energetic signature of presented structures within the hologram to safe guard own passage and navigation within the fields of collective space time realities.

All shared within this container is self sourced by Anaïs Angelika through own lived experiences. The data provided is intended as a reflective mirroring framework of multidimensional comprehension and calibration point for angelics/galactics/starseeds/indigos to further proceed on own ascension path and form a unique system of sovereign multidimensional expression of Self according to each original divine blueprint. No expression is ever the same. This information is therefore not intended as dogmatic constructs or as an interpretation of doctrine. We are all artist of the Eternal from our original design. Only take what resonates and discard what doesn’t.

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